What have you changed recently to improve yourself and your health?

Change is hard. We all know that, but it is a necessary action to see improvement in our fitness goals.

Here at UFit Personal Training in Greenwood, IN we help our clients and guests embrace change. Even though change is hard it can be exciting and thrilling as well! Making changes in our lives to improve our fitness and health is one of the best things we could ever do for ourselves.

Fitness changes can be small, but have a huge impact! For example, if you started tracking your food and did nothing else other than monitor and limit the amount of calories you were taking in for 2 weeks, you would lose weight! Really! That is such a small change for such a great result!

Another small change you can make is being active. Did you know that just by getting in a little walking a few days per week reduces your risk for heart disease? That’s amazing!

Yes – change is hard, but to see improvement with our health and fitness as well our life, we must make changes! Embrace the change and love the journey! You can do it!

Michael Budensiek