Allow me to play out a scenario that nearly everyone is familiar with:  Wednesday night, you decide you’re going to improve your health and go to the gym in the morning.  FANTASTIC!  You set the alarm for 5:00am and get ready for bed.  GREAT!  But Wednesday night happens to be a night one of your favorite TV shows is on so you watch the whole episode, figuring you’ll go ahead and snack on your last night of your “unhealthy lifestyle”, which causes you to get to bed an hour later than you intended.  When 5:00am comes and your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button not once, but twice, then reset it for 6:00am, then again for 7:00amThursday has become a missed opportunity to improve yourself, so you decide you’ll go ahead and wait until Monday.

 Sound familiar?  If it does, the good news is, you can always start RIGHT NOW!  TODAY!  Hitting the snooze button wasn’t what made you want to wait until Monday. Staying up too late was.  A simple choice.  A simple choice has an impact that you can’t always see because it’s so small, but it will always accumulate.  Who cares if you ate donuts for breakfast and had burger and fries for lunch?  Start RIGHT NOW!  Your next meal, eat something better.  The choice to start immediately will only make it easier to keep going.       

 We all have it in our minds that everything must start on Monday.  If you decide to start RIGHT NOW, you will begin that forward momentum that will carry you forward and make each decision easier.  In June, December looks so far away.  But if you look back at the last December, it feels like it was yesterday!  Be the version of yourself that you want to be!  You must value yourself highly and want the best for yourself!  Do you want to look forward and think your goal will never get here or look back and realize it happened so fast?  I’m willing to bet you will appreciate your work when you look back.

 So, the next time you decide to start working toward a goal, start RIGHT NOW!  Don’t wait.  Make your last meal better than what you ate earlier that day.  Not perfect, but better.  When you set your alarm, make sure you get to bed when you intend to.  When your alarm goes off, get up.  Simple decisions.  A simple choice.  A simple choice has an impact.  Make it a positive impact that you’ll be proud of.  Even if it is a Wednesday.


David Bryce – CPT