Taking the Guesswork Out of Nutrition

There is no secret or “magic bullet” to achieving a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise; however, these avenues can be difficult to navigate, especially when starting from the beginning. Some find it hard to believe that a healthy diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. A bad diet can not successfully be out-exercised while achieving and maintaining long-term results. At UFit, we help our clients determine healthy nutrition choices and work toward that balance of consistent good nutrition while still enjoying favorites–no restrictive or fad diets. Trainers are available to assist, but success comes from understanding nutrition information, applying it to your lifestyle, and having resources at your fingertips for the long-haul.

The first step in changing habits is nutrition tracking–both beverages and food. Myfitnesspal is one app that many at UFit utilize to track nutrition. It allows you to input or scan your food item according to meal/snack and track your water intake as well. Monitoring calories and macros is as easy as shifting screen views. This cuts out on keeping a handwritten food journal and guessing on the nutrition value within the food/beverage. One drawback is that some of the pre-entered food item values are not always accurate, so it is best to glance at the package information when using one of these items or input manually. Also, serving size information is necessary in order to properly enter how much you consumed.


One website recently stumbled-upon calculates nutrition information of recipes entered. Check out the Recipe Nutrition Calculator on verywellfit.com. It allows you to edit ingredients, serving sizes, and allows you to compare ingredient substitutions after analyzing the nutrition facts for the recipe. Another link on the same page also makes suggestions on healthier alternatives for certain ingredients. Websites and apps such as this are another way to help make smarter nutrition choices (“Try Our Recipe Nutrition Calculator”, n.d.).

Changing habits is not easy. Start with one thing, keep it simple, and increase the challenge or number of challenges as you are ready. This is particularly important when nutrition and exercise are involved. Taking on too much all at once may be overwhelming, frustrating, and just not fun. If you have any questions, please reach out to your trainer or request a free consultation at weareufit.com.


The UFit Team