Have you ever asked yourself, WHY? Why do I crave sweets so bad? Why do I feel like I cannot walk into a gas station without getting myself a snack. Why do I go to the grocery store with every intention to get healthy foods and still end up with junk and snacks that I don’t need? Why do I feel the need to stop at every other fast food spot I see?

The list of question’s goes on and it is so frustrating when no sooner do you start to see yourself losing weight, feeling better, and having more energy that you have a bad day and you find yourself taking steps backwards and falling into old habits, almost like you hadn’t even changed anything.

Did you know that sugar is more addictive than certain drugs? Did you know that sugar companies have basically paid off the government to remove the percentage marker that is next to sugar on ALL food labels? Did you know that they have also found that some Doctor’s have also been paid to say that sugar is healthy? Did you know that the food industry PURPOSEFULLY markets their products towards children in order to build the attachment to food at an early age?!

Some of these things I have known, but some of them I did not until recently when I watched the documentary called ‘FED UP’. This documentary includes interviews from major food companies, Doctors, Government officials, and many more people who are the “experts” on food and “helping” keep America healthy.

It is truly sad to know that for the right amount of money and knowing the right people you can get ANYTHING past the FDA, who is suppose to be America’s “leader” in keeping us nutritional strong and healthy! I am not saying it should be wrong for there to be bad food out there, we all have choices, but I am saying that it’s WRONG for the people most of us look to for nutritional regulations to straight up LIE about the quality and ingredient amounts in our food.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the film for yourself and do some research. I would love to hear what other people think of this topic.

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