Did you know that Fall is often considered “apple” season?

That’s because apple growing hits its peak during the months of September through November.

Now you know why the season is filled with apple pies, apple cider and other creative recipes using this tasty fruit. But there’s something else you should know about apples…

They might extend your lifespan!

Research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reports that certain antioxidants in apples may help you live longer. [1]

The study tested a certain apple antioxidant on fruit flies (these flies have been used for decades as “stand-ins” for humans, since their genetics share many similarities to ours). As a result, the fruit flies boosted their lifespan by ten percent!

What’s more, certain polyphemus in the apple helped preserve the fruit flies’ ability to move around, in addition to reversing levels of certain biochemical substances related to aging.

To be sure, more research needs to be done on humans. But seriously, what have you got to lose?

Follow the tried and true advice of eating an apple a day to “keep the doctor away” and you may also keep yourself feeling young and add a few years to your life.

And if you really want to turn back the aging clock, here are a few more things you can do:

Eat more colors: You’ve heard it time and time again… eat plenty of fruits and vegetables of all different colors. The more colors, the better. That’s because colorful fruits and veggies contain powerful antioxidants that can help slow the aging process and prevent disease.

Take Co-Q10: This is a powerful antioxidant that has a large body of research showing its ability to help in the battle against diseases like cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and more. Your levels decline as you age so make sure you supplement with it for optimal health.

Get your omega 3s: Inflammation has been linked both to the aging process and to numerous diseases. That’s why getting plenty of healthy omega-3 fats in your diet is crucial to any anti-aging plan. You can get it from eating fish like salmon, and from grass-fed meats. Otherwise, take it in supplement form.

Control your blood sugar: Chronically elevated levels of blood-sugar (even when diabetes is NOT present) has been linked to acceleration of the aging process and serious diseases (like heart disease and Alzheimer’s, for example). So to stay young and vibrant, keep your blood sugar in check. Get it tested on a regular basis and use proper nutrition and regular exercise as your first line of defense.

With research like this apple study being done on a regular basis, who knows what the future holds in terms of living longer. But one thing’s for sure… getting plenty of antioxidants and the right supplementation is a sure-fire way to put the odds greatly in your favor.




Michael Budensiek


[1] Cheng Peng, Ho Yin Edwin Chan, Yu Huang, Hongjian Yu, Zhen-Yu Chen. Apple Polyphenols Extend the Mean Lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2011; : 110214164435048 DOI: 10.1021/jf1046267